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Presenting the Vineyard Direct - Source Integrity & Rewards Programme. The customer journey back to your Cellar Door, starts here.


Building strong Cellar door sales and maintaining an ongoing customer sales relationship via the online wine club, is a key driver of profitability for many Australian wineries. As the consumer appetite for wine knowledge grows; origin, transparency, and sustainability have become markers of quality. Combined with the growing interest in organics, naturals, nutrition and allergies, today's consumer information needs are complex and complicated.


The Vineyard Direct Source Integrity Programme exists to meet these needs, as a conduit to increase winery cellar door and wine club sales. With services by Vineyard Direct technology and the partner company CEA (Customer Engagement Australia), Australian staffed consumer support teams. As experts in Aftersale services for cherished brands and Australian supermarket customers, CEA specialise in quality factors, product safety, source, nutrition and food safety advice. Which continually reinforce brand values and integrity.


Source Integrity & Rewards Programme services to Wineries include:

  • Expert guidance on low-cost access technology, to enable on going self-help communications to cellar door and club subscribers. At all purchase points in your supporter's wine buying journey, including single bottle purchases at Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, Online Wine, Duty free, liquor Retail and Supermarkets.
  • Outreach campaigns via our partner business (Customer Engagement Australia) to reach out to your subscribers via timely calls/text and email (from your downloads, under strict use and privacy protocols). To promote joining the winery cellar door club. With lapsed and non-members encouraged to sign up, to transact and to purchase again.
  • For wineries running a Rewards program, a programme to encourage the purchase of wines in any situation (Restaurant/On premise/Retail/Duty free) and obtain rewards, discounts, member benefits (Including to accumulate Qantas Frequent Flyer points).
  • Provide on request, detailed nutritional, diet, allergies, religious protocols, and safety information on your products to consumers. Including farming methods, sustainability, other ecological, environmental or community activity.

The Vineyard Direct 'Source Integrity Programme' will insure close and regular contact with winery key buyer groups (54% of cellar door visitors, purchasing an average 9.1 bottles of the winery's wine, during or within the six months after the visit*). *Ehrenberg- Bass Institute - Australian Cellar Door behaviour study 2015


Please contact us for details, including a no obligation Quotation for any element of the programme.


Chris Payne Ass. Dip. Wine Marketing (Roseworthy)


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